Marine & Aviation Computers

In the marine industry, fully-rugged computers are protected from salt spray and against corrosion due to salt air and humidity since they are sealed against the elements. Rugged laptops and tablet pcs are also essential in the aviation industry for maintenance workers and engineers because they are able to store the aircraft schematics in a computer that is able to withstand the elements, extreme temperatures and most importantly accidental drops. Pilots also use rugged laptops and tablets in flight bag applications.

Some of the Group Mobile recommendations for Marine and Aviation environments include the General Dynamics-Itronix Duo-Touch II Rugged Tablet PC – a fully rugged tablet PC that combines the functionality of a touchscreen computer with a digitizer computer into one display, the Panasonic H1 Field – with superior ergonomics, a 10.4″ sunlight-viewable screen and sealed all-weather rugged design, and the Getac A790 – this is the most rugged laptop in our line and it is also the “most configurable” rugged computer on the market.

Click here to see the rest of the models we recommend for Marine and Aviation applications. For more information regarding rugged mobile computing visit or call us at 1-866-RUGGED-8.

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