Have you checked out the 2009 Group Mobile Best Sellers Guide?

On our “Best Of” page we make recommendations based on our opinions and feedback from our customers. Click here to view the full page or keep reading for a sampling…

Best Multi Media Semi Rugged Laptop – This would be the Toughbook 52 (with bundle upgrade) from Panasonic. It has a large 15.4” display with WUXGA resolution. It comes with 512MB of Video RAM, a Firewire connection for fast uploads/download of photos and other digital files, as well as main memory (RAM) expandable to 4.0GB.

Read more about the Toughbook 52

Best Bargain in a Vehicle-Rated Ruggedized Laptop – Check out the General Dynamics-Itronix GD6000. This mobile computer is classified as semi-rugged, since it cannot handle use in a pouring rain, but it has all the features required for use in an in-vehicle computing setup. Police departments love this unit, for example, for use in their cruisers. And the GD6000 is priced less than the comparable fully-rugged laptops.

Read more about the GD-Itronix GD6000

Most Versatile Fully Rugged Laptop – The Getac A790 has incredible versatility. The customer can choose from a 12”, or 14” display screen. The customer can pick either the touchscreen or non-touchscreen; and between a regular or daylight-readable display. The customer can select additional RS232, RS422, RS485, or SCSI-II ports. One can even add 2 more ISA slots or 2 more PCI slots. And there are other options for this rugged mobile computer, as well. This is, without question, the most “configurable” rugged laptop in the world.

Read more about the Getac A790

For more information regarding rugged mobile computing visit http://www.groupmobile.com/ or call us at 1-866-RUGGED-8.

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