Panasonic for the Environmental Friendly

Panasonic’s Toughbook line just became even more appealing to those who are conscientious of the environment. The current line of Panasonic Toughbook’s are EPEAT certified. What does this mean exactly?

EPEAT evaluates electronic products in relation to 51 total environmental criteria -– 23 required criteria and 28 optional criteria. To qualify for registration as an EPEAT product, the product must conform to all the required criteria. Products are also ranked in EPEAT according to three tiers of environmental performance – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. All registered products must meet the required criteria, and achieve Bronze status. The Panasonic Toughbook’s have a silver EPEAT rating meaning that they meet all 23 required criteria plus at least 50% of the optional criteria.

Here is a list of the Panasonic Toughbook’s that have the silver EPEAT rating:

  • Toughbook 19
  • Toughbook 30
  • Toughbook 52
  • Toughbook 74
  • Toughbook W5
  • Toughbook Y5
  • Toughbook T5
  • Toughbook W7
  • Toughbook Y7
  • Toughbook T7
  • Toughbook U1

On each product page an image signifying the silver EPEAT rating is found at the bottom of the overview page. It will look like this:
More Toughbook products will continue to be added as they are released and approved by EPEAT.

For anyone interested in a full list of the criteria that has to be met in order to become EPEAT certified, click here:

Click here for more information on Panasonic’s EPEAT approved Toughbook products.

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