Motorola MC35 Handheld Mobile Computer

The Motorola MC35 handheld mobile computer will keep your on-the-move workers connected, responsive and productive. This pocketable device puts the combined power of a mobile phone, notebook, camera and bar code scanner at the fingertips of your employees, in a durable device whose product life well exceeds that of the traditional consumer smartphone or PDA. The convergence of voice and data translates into one device for employees to carry and one device for IT to manage — simplifying your mobility architecture and your capital and operational costs. The robust mobile data capabilities include email, instant and text messaging, image capture and casual bar code scanning.

The MC35 offers business-essential durability, as it is built and tested to be able to withstand everyday use in a variety of environments. It’s Intel XScale PXA270 (416 MHz) processor allows for desktop-like multimedia performance with lower power requirements. The Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Edition or the optional Mobile 6.0 operating system enables comprehensive voice and data enterprise functionality, including multimedia support and persistent memory. The audio speakerphone, headset, and push-to-talk functionality are flexible voice communication options that meet the needs of any business environment. It also has a high quality speakerphone, microphone, and transducer that provides outstanding voice quality and performance. The MC35 comes with EDGE GPRS/GSM compatibility for voice and high-speed wireless data. The optional wireless capability of 802.11 b/g allows for cost-effective data connectivity in the office. Bluetooth v1.2 comes standard with the Motorola MC35 and it functions as a wireless modem to allow for printing synchronization and much more. The GPS radio supports a wide range of value-add location-based services and applications.

An optional integrated high-resolution 2 megapixel camera with macro focus and LED flash enables on-the-spot high-quality imaging and enables the capture of documents as well as 1D and 2D bar codes. The MC35 features a 2.8″ QVGA color touchscreen display that is easy to view in any lighting. Optional keyboard functionality choices allows multiple data input methods to maximize application functionality and serve user preference. It’s user accessible SDIO card and multiple battery options gives ample power for full shifts in nearly any environment.

Click here for more information on the Motorola MC35.

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