M230 vs M230N

Getac’s fully rugged M230N is the replacement of the M230. The differences between these models are:

  • Processor
  • NVidia
  • Hard Drive
  • Optical Drive
  • EVDO
  • Touchpad

The M230N model comes with Core 2 Duo processor technology as opposed to the Core Duo processor of the old M230 model. There is still a touchscreen option available, but it is only for the 14″ screen. Also an option for the 14″ screen models is an upgrade to discrete video with Nvidia 256MB chip. The M230 model came standard with an 80GB hard drive. The M230N comes standard with a 120GB hard drive. Optional upgrades for the hard drive are a 160 or 250GB, or a spare 120GB hard drive w/ a canister. A DVD-Super Multi drive comes with the M230N. There is a choice between HSDPA or EVDO (Sprint) wireless communications for the M230N. Lastly, with the M230N there is an optional pressure sensing glove touchpad available.

Click here for more information on Getac’s Fully Rugged M230N.

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