Xplore’s iX104C4 Tablet PC

Xplore’s newest addition to their product line is the versatile and durable iX104C4 Tablet PC. The iX104C4 powered by an Intel dual core processor and contains a 120GB IDE hard disk drive. It comes standard with 1GB of DDR2 RAM, with the option to upgrade to 2GB. It supports both Vista Business and XP Tablet PC Edition operating systems.

The triple-layer magnesium housings, patented bumper system, and customized gaskets allow for the durable iX104C4 to survive in the most challenging environments. The iX104C4 is warranted to US Military Standards (MIL-STD 810F), withstanding exposure to drops on concrete, vibration, extreme temperatures, as well as dust and moisture.

The iX104C4 tablet PC features a 10.4” XGA TFT display with an active digital sensor. There is the option to upgrade to a resistive tough digitizer (dual mode) display, or an optional dual mode AllVue Xtreme LCD display for enhanced indoor/outdoor viewability.

With a starting price of $3,895, the iX104C4 Tablet PC is a great deal for a tablet PC that packs power and function into the most rugged mobile computer in the industry.

Click here for more information on Xplore’s iX104C4 Tablet PC.

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