Rugged Fixed Mount Computers

Rugged fixed mount computers are designed to be fix-mounted to or on something such as a forklift, tank, bulldozer, or emergency response vehicle. There are two typical applications for a fixed mount computer:

  • In a factory or industurial environment
  • In or on a vehicle or any mobile conveyance

In a factory or an industrial environment, the fixed mount computer is often mounted to a wall or a piece of equipment for monitoring/control. Examples of a vehicle or mobile conveyance would be: cars, trucks, semis, forklifts, tractors, backhoes, ATVs, cement mixers, aircraft, ships, barges, etc.

These fixed mount computers are one-piece display computers and so they do not include internal batteries. Thse computers are not made to be carried around away from sources of power such as an AC outlet or a vehicle battery. Fixed mount computers are typically ultra-rugged, totally sealed, and designed to run and last for many years without problem. They are ready to face some of the harshest environmental conditions. Each computer meets stringent military specifications for vibration, shock, dust and moisture. The exterior housing is comprised of two solid precision milled aluminum halves with integrated passive heat-sinking, which increases the ability to handle temperature extremes. The interior is designed so that all boards are securely mounted with multiples screws and there are no loose wires or cables inside the machines to cause early failures.

Click here to view a list of fixed mount computers offered by Group Mobile.

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