Uses and Benefits of Rugged Computers

What is a Rugged Computer?

When it comes to rugged computers, there are 3 different degrees of rugged: Business Rugged, Semi-Rugged, and Fully Rugged. Business rugged computers are made for business travelers and students and can withstand the everyday bumps, bangs, and spills. They come with a magnesium alloy casing, shock mounted hard drive and spill proof keyboard. They are one step up from commercial plastic laptops (Dell, Apple, Toshiba, etc.). Semi-Rugged computers on the other hand can take a little more abuse than the business rugged laptops and can usually handle a 3 ft. drop. Fully rugged computers have all of the rugged features of a business rugged and semi rugged computer, plus they are fully sealed which means they can withstand rain, dust and moisture. Semi rugged and fully rugged computers are made for people who work in a mobile or field computing environment.

Who Uses Rugged Computers and Why?

Whether you work in the military, construction, public safety, building inspection, mining, oil and gas, utility, agribusiness, or field service, a rugged computer will meet your every need. Their rugged features allow them to withstand the conditions anywhere you may need to go and give you the ability to complete all the tasks that need to be done.

Rugged computers prove to be extremely beneficial in these fields because their magnesium alloy case makes them 20 times stronger than the plastic casing found on most laptops. Many rugged computers also have or come with an option found on most laptops. Many rugged computers also have or come with an option for sunlight viewable screens. This is great for people who work in an outside environment because it allows them to see the screen’s display no matter what. Their waterproof keyboards and screens stand up to any liquids these rugged computers may face; whether its rain, mud or a spilled drink, rugged computers can stand up to them with full functionality. Many of them now come with shock-mounted hard drives which can withstand vibrations and drops. Fully rugged computers also have sealed ports which protects the computer from dust and moisture. So whether you’re in an extreme environment or a business office, a rugged computer can prove to be beneficial to you. These computers can make you more efficient at your job with little to no downtime. Due to their ability to withstand tough conditions, you don’t have to worry about them breaking or crashing. They are built to last longer than the basic plastic cased laptops.

Click here to view a list of fully rugged laptops.

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