Go-Book MR-1 Price Drop

For a limited time, General Dynamics Itronix has dropped the price on their fully rugged GoBook MR-1 Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC). The price drop applies to their 512 MB models.

Was: $4,450

Now: $2,995

The GoBook MR-1 features an outdoor viewable screen with the new optional patent-pending DynaVue technology. This new technology allows for the computer to be used outdoors in the bright sunlight. One important thing to note about the GoBook MR-1 is its light weight (2.0 lbs.) and small form factor (4.8” L x 6.6” W x 1.6”D). Despite its light weight and condensed size, the GoBook MR-1 is fully rugged. This means that its ports are fully sealed to protect it from any outside elements such as dust or water. The hard drive has its own rubber frame that fits tightly and neatly against the metal enclosure and is shock- and impact-protected. The GoBook MR-1 also includes various industry leading optional wireless capabilities like Bluetooth, Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG module for WiFi, and a whole variety of 3G wireless options like mobile broadband wireless.

A variety of secure computing functions are also available with the GoBook MR-1 like the optional integrated fingerprint scanner and the optional SmartCard reader. Take advantage of this great offer while it lasts!

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