Toughbook U1 & Road Tour

The newest Toughbook product by Panasonic to hit the market is an Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) called the U1. Slightly bigger than a handheld, the Toughbook U1 offers the full functionality of a rugged laptop yet is small enough to fit in one hand. The U1 is a sleek, but functional unit that can run full-blown Windows XP. The Toughbook U1 features hot-swappable twin batteries and the ruggedness of a Toughbook laptop. Some of the integrated options of the U1 include GPS, 3G mobile broadband, a 2 MP camera, and fingerprint and barcode scanners.

The U1 is the toughest product offered by Panasonic. It features rugged features like a solid state hard drive, a magnesium alloy case, sealed ports, and drop spec of up to 4 feet. The design of the solid state hard drive offers more protection from vibrations and less vulnerability to wide temperature variations than a regular hard drive. The magnesium alloy casing on the Toughbook U1 is 20 times stronger than the regular plastic casing of laptops so they can withstand tougher conditions. The fully sealed ports protect the Toughbook U1 from outside elements such as dust, water, moisture, and extreme temperatures from entering the U1. The Toughbook U1 will begin shipping in September.

Panasonic is also hosting a road tour to preview the revolutionary new fully rugged Toughbook U1 UMPC. See the list below for dates and cities as well as further information pertaining to this event.

Panasonic Tough Tours 2008: Inventing Rugged All Over Again

Introducing Panasonic’s Toughbook® U1:
The power of a rugged laptop in the palm of your hand!

Come see how Panasonic and our partners are developing new solutions that will help your field personnel increase information accuracy, improve communication and produce more with less.

Also learn about:

  • Wireless communication advances using GOBI
  • Hot portable products with Intel’s new Montevina
  • Indispensable tools to measure Return on Investment of portable products

Tough Tour 2008 Special Lunch Session 12:30 pm-2:30 pm

July 22

July 24

July 29

Aug. 7

Aug. 26

Norfolk, VA
St Louis, MO

Washington, D.C.
Minneapolis, MN

Rosemont, IL
Boston, MA

Atlantic City, NJ
Palo Alto, CA

Houston, TX

Aug. 28

Sept. 9

Sept. 11

Sept. 23

Sept. 25

Dallas, TX

Phoenix, AZ
Nashville, TN

Anaheim, CA
Columbus, OH

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Denver, CO

Atlanta, GA
Seattle, WA

Don’t miss the Panasonic Tough Tour Coming to Your Area:
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